About Us

Since our first broadcast in 1992, our mission has been to proclaim the Gospel to all nations. What began in the United States as one weekly broadcast, Rejoice in the Lord, has developed into a 24 hours a day, seven days a week – all around the globe network, through social media launched on September 22, 2014. Through media, our goal is to teach and equip individuals how to apply Biblical truth to every aspect of their lives. ChosenNetwork.TV (CNT) programs and videos are an evangelism outreaches that bring a message of hope to an International viewing audience. CNT is called to share the Gospel and extend the love of Christ. CNT focus from its inception has always been to share the Gospel of JESUS with the world and provide faith-based and entertainment programming. CNT offers exclusive programming that is relevant for today's generation, addressing topics and issues that affect everyday lives. Engaging the whole family with fresh and relevant program choices, CNT viewers enjoy the best in faith and family television. Visitors to the network will find "Video on Demand" for convenience of their viewing schedules 24/7. Allowing them to take CNT on the go via iPhone and other mobile devices.

Through the leadership and vision of Roy and Ann Chapman, ChosenNetwork.TV continues to reach people of all cultures, right where they are. Thanks to the favor of God, and the prayers and financial support of CNT loyal Partners, CNT will continue to expand throughout the world with a message of hope and excitement that Jesus Christ is Lord! CNT is a Christian-based, non-profit organization that is financially supported by contributions from friends and partners of the ministry. Thanks to your support we are able to continue producing more and new programs JUST FOR YOU.

Why Buy From Us?

Thank you so much, for your support. Great supporters make great shows. Because of your purchase, you are part of what makes us great. That is why we are here. To bring shows that you can choose. Shows that you want to watch – Video On Demand 24/7. Now, you have a choice. Great Choices are Chosen at ChosenNetwork.TV.


ChosenNetwork.TV transmits a variety of faith-based programming worldwide, presenting different Christian views. Some of our material is independently produced and not under our direct editorial control. All content we screen is intended to uplift, encourage and assist viewers. We can only offer general information and this should not be treated as a substitute where specific counselling, professional advice and medical consultation is required. Thus, we cannot provide any fixed warrantees with regard to representations made on air on online concerning divine healing or spiritual blessings. Where viewers feel they have received changes to their physical condition, we advise that these by verified by qualified medical personnel before any adjustments are made to medication, treatment by qualified medical personnel before any adjustments are made to medication and/or treatment.

Mission Statement

The mission of ChosenNetwork.TV is to provide God-inspired faith-based and entertainment media globally.